Infiduino Extension board

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The Infiduino Extension board is compatible with Infiduino/Arduino or other compatible board. Its purpose is to extend the IOs or ADC ports, and make it easy to connect your modules with Infiduino/Arduino.
Infiduino Extension board.jpg


There are severala parts of the board should be noted.

  • The IO extension area
  • The proto field
  • The 26P jtag connector which is used to connect with the GPIO Extension Board


  1. The IO extension area:This is the main area of the shield. All of D0-D13 are leaded out as GND/VCC/D*/D(*+1). Many of the modules designed for Arduino need 3 or 4 wires. These port are used for them.
  2. The proto field:This area is a small section that can be used to set up some proto circuit.
  3. The 26P jtag connector:This connector can be used to connect with the GPIO Extension Board. Please refer to that page for details.