Infiduino Uno R3

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The Infiduino Uno R3 board is completely compatible with Arduino Uno R3.It inherit all of Arduino Uno R3's main function plus some individual features.
Infiduino uno r3.jpg


  • Completely compatible with Arduino Uno R3(with Atmega16U2 as the high speed USB chip).
  • Atmega328P-AU instead of Atmega328P-PU. For some shields, the Atmega328P-PU maybe too high for the shield to insert, this board may help solving this problem
  • Selectable 3.3V/5V operating voltage. There is a on board switch used for changing the voltage of Atmega328(3.3V or 5V).
  • Enchancement in current performance. The 3.3V and the 5V voltage regulator all can provide 1000mA current.
  • New layout. The "Reset" button and the power LED are moved to the lower edge of the board.
  • "Reset" LED added. When you reset the board, the "Reset" LED will show if the "reset" action has been done successfully.
  • 6.5V-12V voltage input.
  • Mini-B type USB connector.
  • Additional I2C port

Infiduino uno R3-2.JPG


Its usage is basically the same as Arduino Uno R3. The following thing should be noted.

  • The acquired input voltage is 6.5V-12V, please make sure your adapter meet this requirement.
  • Before communicate with other modules, you should note the position of the switch: 3.3V or 5V.
  • If you meet any problem during downloading code to the Infiduino Uno R3 board, please unplug any other modules first and then try again.